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At Legacy Auto Credit, we specialize in rebuilding our client’s credit through low-interest car loans. If your credit prevents you from getting into a reliable vehicle, book a free consultation with one of our credit experts to get started!


With Legacy Auto Credit, you can find the vehicle most suited to your needs from a wide selection of vehicles. If you are considering buying a vehicle, you should ask yourself some basic questions to help you determine which model fits your criteria, such as are you looking for a family car? As a commuter, do you need a fuel-efficient car? It is essential to find models that excel in the areas that are most important to you.

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Car loan in Ontario


Find the car you need with repayments you can afford.

SUV loan in Ontario


Choose comfort and practicality with our range of SUVs.

Truck loan in Ontario


If you need a vehicle that works as hard as you do, take a look at our range of trucks.

Van loan in Ontario


Find the right van for your needs.

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Find used Cars, SUVs, Trucks for Sale in Ontario. We have a huge range of vehicles to choose from that will meet your individual needs. Not only that, at Legacy Auto Credit we can offer delivery across Walkerton, Waterloo, Hamilton Niagara Falls, Windsor Sarnia and more.

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