Helping you to rebuild your credit

If you’re looking for credit for your next new vehicle in Ontario but you’re being rejected for auto credit loans, Legacy Auto Credit is on hand to help. Working together, we can provide debt relief when you need it most and help you get a reliable vehicle to get you to work and rebuild your credit.

Take a look at our current inventory to find a vehicle that suits your needs. We will then provide a free consultation to review your current debt situation and provide tools to help rebuild your credit. Don’t forget to check out our Credit Helpers page to help you improve your credit.

We have more flexibility to provide approvals because we offer in-house financing.

We make it easy to get a new vehicle in Ontario!

We make it easy to get a new vehicle!​

Referral Program

Refer a family member or friend to Legacy Auto Credit and get credit for every referral.

Get an SUV in Ontario

Warranty Program

Protect your budget and credit rating by insisting on a trusted, fully-insured, warranty.

We deliver

As part of the excellent service we offer, we deliver vehicles to our customers across Ontario.


You can drive away within a day, or we can work around a day and time that suits you. It’s your choice.


Our super simple approval process will get you approved so that you can get behind the wheel as soon as possible. With Legacy Auto Credit, you have the option to take care of your finances while having a new car delivered to your door.

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