Warranty Program

Our warranty program

There is nothing more disruptive, expensive, or stressful than a mechanical breakdown. As a customer of Legacy Auto, you have the ability to protect your budget and credit rating by choosing a warranty that is fully insured and trusted.


As part of our commitment to our customers, we have partnered with Global Warranty and U Select Warranty to provide the best coverage with the freedom to choose your local repair shop to complete your required warranty repairs.

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Credit Protection Program

Providing you with protection in the event of an unexpected incident. SecureDriveTM offers personalized protection plans that cover your payments if something unexpected happens to you, such as a health condition, disability, or loss of employment. Using this convenient and affordable method allows you to protect your credit rebuilding efforts.

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program (VLPP)

Did you know over 39% of traded vehicles have negative equity, meaning what you owe on your vehicle is more than what the vehicle is now worth? It can take up to 6 years before a loan does not carry negative equity. In addition, your insurer may only pay the fair market value of your vehicle. In the event of a vehicle loss, VLPP provides an in-store loyalty credit that can be redeemed at your selling dealer. Whether you finance, lease, or pay cash for your vehicle, with VLPP, getting back into a replacement vehicle just got easier.

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