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    Vehicle Financing With Legacy Auto Credit

    Vehicle Financing With Legacy Auto Credit

    Have you been refused auto credit elsewhere? Or are you struggling to find a lender to help finance your vehicle? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve helped hundreds of people in various situations and bad credit history access a loan for a vehicle that suits their needs and budget.


    We also work closely with Credit Helpers, who specialize in offering personalized finance plans to help you find a car that’s affordable to you.


    A FREE debt consultation will be provided by Legacy Auto Credit to review your current debt situation and provide options to deal with it.

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    Start your journey with reducing your debt by up to 80% and become debt free! Rebuild your credit and start living the life you want.

    How Can Legacy Auto Credit Help You With Vehicle Financing?

    Legacy Auto Credit alongside many Ontario trustee firms provide debt relief to help you rebuild your credit and get a vehicle that suits your needs. We will provide a FREE consultation to review your current debt situation and provide you with a FREE Guide to Rebuilding and Repairing your Credit Score.


    During the consultation, you will learn about:

    Discover how you can solve your debt difficulties for free

    Fixing your debt issue is the first step in reviving your credit score and getting back on your feet financially. Carrying a lot of debt is pushing your credit score down and holding it there.


    It’s not only FREE to fix your debt concerns, in most cases, you will save thousands of dollars in the long term.

    Discover how you can solve your debt difficulties for free​
    The rights you have when dealing with collection agencies​

    The rights you have when dealing with collection agencies

    There are strict rules collection agencies must follow when trying to collect from you. 


    You are not powerless in this situation – even if it sometimes feels that way. Debt collectors are required to follow certain rules when trying to collect your payment. We will help you understand your rights so you can protect yourself and avoid potential abuses and scams.

    Understand your credit report with the help of an advisor

    Credit scores range between 300 and 900. The higher the score the better. A score of 650 is generally considered the dividing line between “needs improvement” and “acceptable”. Scores between 660 –724 are good. Scores between 725 – 759 are very good. Above 759 is excellent.


    For the general public, credit reports are not easy to read. It is important to know if the information is correct, accurate, and up to date. If you need help, contact us.

    Understand your credit report with the help of an advisor​

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